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Finding Your Church

PewHub can help you on your journey of finding a church. Use our unique system to keep track of your favorite churches, write reviews, and more!

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Finding Your Church

Finding Your Church

Finding the right place to grow spiritually is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  You should look for a church that not only provides information, but also inspiration.  You should be excited about going to church, else even the most well-intentioned church will not be of help.

Not only can churches differ in theologies and beliefs, but they may also vary in focus and emphasis.  Some churches see missions as their top priority, some stress the importance of Christian Education, while others may solely focus on evangelism.  You will be more enthused when you know that your church shares the same priorities you do.

The shortlist tool is a great way to keep track of churches you have visited or intend to visit.  Spend time searching and adding to your short-list when you are not in a rush so when it’s time to visit a church, you will already know where you’re going.

Visiting a church is the exciting part.  Try to take mental notes of all that you see and experience.  Some churches will allow you to look around after service.  Using the restroom can often be a good way to see more of the church as well.  Hold on to any literature or materials that you are given.  This will help jog your memory when it’s time to review your list later.

Once you have visited a church, take the time to post a review.  It’s a short process and can be finished in the car before you pull away.  Do it while your memory is fresh.  This provides the church with valuable insight into your experience.  If something was not to your satisfaction, try to share how it may have been improved to serve you better.  Reviews also provides a way for you to remember later how you experienced each church when you reread them in My Reviews.

We believe choosing the right church is a personal choice, and we dare not tell you what church is right for you; but know this… there is a church that is for you!