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Receive Client Feedback

Client Feedback

"If you’re consistently listening and seeking feedback, you always have a pulse on what’s working for your customers and what’s not." - Forbes Magazine

PewHub is designed to provide you with specific data and information to help assess and improve the effectiveness of your ministry.  By analyzing ratings and reviews​,​ you will be able to identify those areas in which ​your ministry is excelling and those that require more attention.

Other forms of social media also offer reviews, but none are designed with the sole purpose of helping the church grow.  PewHub was built from the ground up with one thing in mind — church growth.  We spoke with dozens of pastors and asked them two questions:  How are you getting feedback from your visitors?  What feedback do you value most?  After dozens of conversations and interviews it quickly became evident that the typical mediums were not providing the specific data they desired and there was a need for a more efficient way to hear from those we hope to reach.  We quickly identified seven key areas that pastors agreed were of the greatest influence when visitors decide where to worship:  Preaching/Teaching, Music, Courteousness of the People, Parking Availability, Cleanliness of the Facility, Duration of the Service, and the Overall Worship Experience.  We then developed a mobile friendly way for visitors and members to share a quick and simple five-star rating for​ each of these areas.  This data will begin to expose areas of strength and areas of weaknes,​ and the comments section that accompanies these ratings will prove invaluable in hearing suggestions and ideas from those who experience your ministry.

Get Found Faster

Get Found

We are changing the way people find a church. According to Google, someone searches the phrase "church near me" every 32 seconds.  That’s 79,000 people every month trying to decide where to go for worship.  You can then imagine a list of churches comes up after which​ the visitor goes from ​website to website trying to read as much as ​possible​ about each ministry.  Not only is this very time consuming, oftentimes the basic information ​the visitor is seeking​ is either hidden in the website or completely missing altogether. Your church profile is designed to give people a thorough understanding of your ministry and what it offers in an easy to reference system.  Users are also given other tools, such as a favorites list so they can keep track of the churches they visit as they decide which ones are worth further consideration.  We are changing the way people find a church,​ and though no church is right for everyone, every church is right for someone.

Accept Gifts Online

Online Giving

Your church will not only receive ratings and reviews, but you can also receive donations. Through a simple URL integration, you can offer online giving to your members, visitors and friends, even if your church has no website.  Simply sign-up for the merchant service of your choice, such as PayPal, add the corresponding email address in your profile and you are all set up.  It’s that easy.

Get a Mobile Website

Mobile Website

You can pick a custom web address for your church such as By promoting this custom URL address, members and visitors can go directly to your church page without performing a search.

We designed your church profile to be an amazing mobile web page for your ministry with easy to use links such as directions to the church and one-touch phone dialing in addition to the ministry information your profile offers.  You can add videos, pictures and events manually, or you can import them directly from your Facebook Business Page; you can even set your page to import your Facebook media automatically, thus giving you the assurance that your page is always up to date. Upload your church logo, a photo of the building and a picture of your leadership.  Provide written information regarding your ministry and answer profile questions to better your chances of being found.  No monthly hosting cost, no annual domain registration and no set-up fees— website services don’t get any better than this.  Everything your people need to know, all at their fingertips and easy to access from anywhere.  That’s PewHub.